Enterprise Marketing Management Solutions

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RiverPoint’s Enterprise Marketing Management solutions (EMM) enables your organization to implement marketing technologies that provide the analytics, information and insight needed to deliver multi-channel communications that generate higher revenues, increases your member-donor client base, lowers costs and maximizes customer retention.

Area of Expertise Our services enable your organization to….
Data Warehouse
  • Design and implement DW architecture
  • Build ETL, matching and merge processes
  • Transform data for marketing purposes
Business Intelligence
  • Provide a 360º view of customer
  • Implement reporting portal and dashboards
  • Consolidate & Report ROI accross all channels
  • Perform predictive analytics and segmentation
Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Build complex, multi-channel campaigns
  • Integrate e-marketing platform
  • Enable Operational Marketing
  • Consolidate, report ROI across all channels
Web Content Management and Analytics
  • Deploy Interactive Marketing Solutions
  • Intergrate Web Content and Offers
  • Analyze Web Content and Effectiveness

Associations and Non-Profit specialization: RiverPoint has significant experience helping Associations and Non-Profit organizations improve their relationships with members andconstituents. Our data-driven solutions enable our customers to gain a holistic view of member interactions, and use this information to deliver more personal and compelling marketing messages to the right people at the right time. This improves your organization’s member experience which translates into increased member value, retention and revenue.

Proven Results

RiverPoint’s EMM solutions help your organization:

  • Increase member-donor customer base and retention rates: Our EMM solutions enable you to deliverpersonalized and compelling marketing content tothecorrect and specific audience level through enhanced understanding of your member base — from a 360º dashboard of your customer’sbuying patterns, to leveraging data visualization tools combined withpredictive analytics. The result? More accurately targeted messages and campaigns that drive new members, increases retention and generates greater revenue for your organization.
  • Increase marketing ROI: With the ability to streamline marketing campaigns across multiple channels and track customer response rates, you’ll be able to integrate this data with your AMS-CRM platform to improve member value, better quantify campaign results and justify future marketing–communications investments.
  • Reduce cycle time: EMM solutions enhances the operational efficiency of your marketing department, significantly reducing total cycle time for campaign development which translates into lower overall marketing costs.
  • Target strategy development: RiverPoint delivers comprehensive Enterprise Marketing solutions that provide you with the software, industry and strategic knowledge, and implementation expertise that enables your organization to deliver improved member-centric communications to enhance your “Return On Customer” revenue streams for years to come. With extensive association and web experience, our team of experienced professionals help ensure you have the right marketing solution for your organization, providing your members with content rich, 360º demographically personalized communications.
  • Increase Web content effectiveness: RiverPoint will partner with your organization to optimize Web site content, analyze Web campaign effectiveness and target Web campaigns to specific audiences, resulting in a higher conversion ratios.

Client Success Stories

IBM Names American Marketing Association Nominee:RiverPoint implementation receives worldwide recognition.

Professional Society achieves high-performance, targeted marketing: RiverPoint implemented an EMM solution resulting in a dynamic, customer-centric marketing program.

Professional Association optimizes connection with members: As Systems Integrator, RiverPoint delivered a flexible and scalable data warehouse framework and enterprise campaign management solution.

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