Data Warehouse Modernization

Data Warehouse Modernization

With our expertise in modern data warehouse techniques, our services offer to analyze existing data storage and reporting assets to apply the latest solutions in the field of data governance and management to bring your data warehouse inline with the speed of data consumption. Our team has developed deep expertise across the DW landscape to include restructuring of data models and adding data platforms to replacing existing primary DW platforms.


Our Data Warehouse modernization solutions help organizations:


  • Streamline structured & unstructured data sources
  • Avoid silos, accommodate new data & integrate to deliver value
  • Improve query performance for advanced analytical applications
  • Real time streaming data analytics
  • Securely govern & access data within centralized metadata
  • Big Data analytics on Spark, cloud storage and Hadoop

Our Services

Data Warehouse Architecture

From dimensional mode, denormalized or hybrid approach, to metadata architecture, to an ODS model and 3NF data models for acquiring ETL and Data cleansing tools, the SynapSiS Engineers are ready to design solutions to ensure that your data is processed quickly and accurately.

Data Integration Services

We bring a powerful set of transformation technologies and processes for meeting multiple business imperatives.

Big Data Solutions

SynapSiS develops solutions for data ingestion at into Data Lakes from many sources, including RDBMS, data warehouses and mainframe systems and throttle ingestion for enhanced performance and massive cost reductions.

ETL & Data Integration

Our team build’s customized ETL and data integration solutions and builds data warehouse structures and transformation logic from scratch. We are experts with SSIS, Informatica, Talend, Pentaho, InfoSphere DataStage, CloverETL, and Apache NiFi

Data Governance

Our team of data experts will help you design Best Practices of collecting and collating large data sets in your data governance strategy.

Cloud Integration Services

Our software agnostic consulting services allows you to select the right solution that fits your overall data strategy. Our Data Engineers will help you manage, cleanse, and integrate data from your web-based applications.

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