Digital Transformation

Boosting Growth by Digitizing Business

Realizing Growth Like Never Before

The ability to see reality as it actually is…and not as it might be…and then respond swiftly in an appropriate manner has elevated the importance of EAI initiatives for our customers.  We are helping organizations learn how to capture transactions and other critical data in real-time, correlate information across applications to establish a clear vision of how current developments are affecting the enterprise, and then take action that exploits market opportunities and deflects competitive threats.

Augment Progression with Integration Services

RiverPoint provides integration services focused on high end enterprise and critical system by designing, building, and supporting large-scale integration solutions based on SOA, EAI, and Big Data. Our services help businesses integrate existing enterprise application portfolios by using suitable applicable technologies like MOM, SOA, Event-Driven Architecture, Application Level Integration, and Data Level Integration.

Powering Digital Transformation

Connect applications in the cloud.  Leverage your data and optimize your business.  Provide the value your customers demand by:

  • Connecting applications to streamline processes to get the most out of your data for more efficient management and control over distributed systems with the ability to quickly and cost effectively implement new applications and integrations.
  • Enable subscribers to implement data, application, API and process integration projects spanning cloud and on-premises endpoints
  • Integrate app connectors/adapters for SaaS and on-prem applications
  • Develop uniform data formats and data standards
  • Data mapping and transformation, data quality, routing and orchestration

Our Unparalleled Services

Integration Architecture Services

  • Architecture Services for SOA, BPM, MDM & Business Optimization
  • Solution Architecture, Enterprise Architecture & Standards
  • Architecture Health Check, EA Assessment
  • Solution Architecture Assessment
  • Go-Live Readiness Assessment

Integration Strategy Services

  • Strategy Initiation Workshop
  • Current State Assessment
  • Roadmap Development
  • Governance Framework
  • Organization & Process
  • CoE

Integration Implementation Services

  • Project Discovery, Design & Implementation
  • Performance Engineering
  • Solution Testing, Testing Accelerator
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Engineering Expertise, SMEs & Product Mentoring
  • Upgrades & Migrations

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